Welcome to the World of Qualitative Sheets.

Developed by our Team at ZebraPro. We are trying to organize the Qualitative Side of Investing.

What are Qualitative Sheets!

Qualitative Sheets are structured one-pagers that help organize Qualitative information about listed companies. They are a set of three one-pager sheets.

Industry Sheet

Helps analyst identify industries that are fundamentally more attractive than others. Click on icon to download Template.

Business Sheet

Helps analyst identify companies that are competitively better placed than others in the Industry. And do not worry, these are not our or anyone's opinions!

Management Sheet

Helps analyst evaluate vision, execution, capital allocation, compensation plan, past frauds and so much more about company's management.


Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants includes players like Domino's Pizza, Subway McDonald's, La Pino'z, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc. 

Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry in India mainly includes players that provide accommodation, food& beverages, outdoor and fun activities.

Asset Management Industry

Asset Management Companies mainly refer to parent sponsor companies of various Mutual Fund Schemes in India.

TO be added

Express Logistics Industry

Express Logistics Industry includes players that operate in Time-bound LTL and FTL logistics in India.

Tiles Industry

Tiles Industry includes players such as Kajaria, Somany, Asian Granito etc. that manufacture tiles in India.

And Many More

Currently, we add two industries every month. Going ahead, we should speed up the process much more.

How It Works?


We use a mix of algorithms and human effort to arrange data from all the resources available, in Qualitative Sheets. This is the first step and gives 20% of our data.


Next, our team gets to work and also uses what we call – Data Network. We obtain data from these sources. We make sure of no opinions and Only Facts! 


The data on platform can then be discussed with different experts, analysts, supply chain participants etc. to take investment decisions.

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