Why ZebraPro

ZebraPro is built on the belief that technology is massively underused in the Investment Research process making a lot of it inefficient. With the simple idea to fix this, ZebraPro was born!

Our Story

Started by Finance Professionals, who are also trained in Data Science, they saw the possibilities were endless. Data Science (Commonly said - AI and Machine Learning) can completely revolutionize the investment research process. It particularly suits the field, because data is abundantly available. The challenge - Its Completely unstructured! This is what ZebraPro intend to solve. So far, we have written about 600k lines of code to make investment research easier!.


Developed the Framework to put more structure in the Investment Research Process - Industry Sheet, Business Sheet and Management Sheet.


Got the Tech stack together, putting together data science modules to build the product and features.


Raised Capital, put together a team to execute and build the product into reality.

What’s Possible Over Time!

May take 6 months, may take an year,
But these are things that we are working on and would like to bring to Investment Research Process!


Tell us 10-12 companies of your interest and we can find more lookalikes that have similar characteristics.


Find Qualitative Data about almost any industry on the planet.


Search based on what the management is saying and not what is already reflecting in numbers May take 6 months.

Talk to our team and help us build a better product

Talk to our product team, and let us know what we can do to make ZebraPro more useful for you!