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One of its kind Analytical Tool for Equity Research focused on 'Qualitative' Data

What is ZebraPro?

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Who is it for?

What Do You Get?

Get Qualitative Sheets

Get Fundamental data about each Industry and then competitive position of each company in that industry with Qualitative Sheets. 

Get Management History Records

Past execution track record, anti-shareholder resolutions, compensation arrangement and so much more for every listed company.

Get On-Ground Research for listed companies

On-ground research (Branch surveys, customer surveys, distributor surveys) about listed companies. Not only this, these are regularly updated as well.

Chat with Experts and Supply Chain Participants

Chat directly about questions that you have with Industry Experts, Intermediaries, distributors, suppliers etc. to make best informed investment decisions.

Access Management Talk Box and Workstation

Get condensed management communication report along with tone analysis using algorithms and workstation features.

Customized Research Requests

You think, we got any angle uncovered? Let us know and our team and data network will get to work.

What Powers Us - Qualitative Sheets!

As Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statements are to analyze quantitative strength, Qualitative Sheets are to analyze fundamental strength of any given company. It is a set of three one-pager sheets.

Industry Sheet

Helps spot industries undergoing significant changes and improvements. Click on icon to download Template.

Business Sheet

Helps find hidden gems in each industry that are competitively better placed than peers.

Management Sheet

Helps spot management teams that walk the talk. Evaluate execution, capital allocation, compensation plan, past frauds and so much more.


Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants includes players like Domino's Pizza, Subway, McDonald's, La Pino'z, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc. 

Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry in India mainly includes players that provide accommodation, food& beverages, outdoor and fun activities.

Asset Management Industry

Asset Management Companies mainly refer to parent sponsor companies of various Mutual Fund Schemes in India.


We collect data using a balance of Algortihms and Human effort. We have a 8-point ‘Data Network’ that we are working on to collect data on the platform.

We do two things – Organize research that exists and then get data from people who have no vested interests in a company. Our team then reviews all the data that goes on the platform. Every data point has a Third-party source and we are very selective what sources are reliable and where we see vested interests. 
A data piece goes through 4 rounds of check before upload and will be checked every fortnight using algorithms, once they are live. Also, users can report data where they see bias or opinion when we release full version.

Expect to meet other investors on the platform, our team of analysts, experts (Consultants, Managers etc) for different industries and supply chain participants (Distributors, logistics providers, Intermediaries) for different industries.

We have specific sections where users can put up opinionated information and cannot be put up anywhere else, especially in core Qualitative Sheets. 
Also, a user can completely mute these opinions as well going ahead.

We Demonstrated our product to multiple investors and analysts. Here is what they said.

Get Onboard. Enter the World of Qualitatives.

Join us in building of India’s only Fundamental-focused Equity Analysis Tool. 

First 1000 members get an additional 60 Day Free Trial. Join Today. 

What Else Are we Working On?


A unique workstation created to meet investor needs. Collaborate, communicate and work with your team like never before. Saves time by 3x and cuts information overload.

Qualitative Screener

Screen stocks based on Qualitative factors – New Product Releases, Management commentary, Management past track record and so much more. Stay ahead of the curve.

Get Onboard. Enter the World of Qualitatives.

Join us in building of India’s only Fundamental-focused Equity Analysis Tool. 

First 1000 members get an additional 60 Day Trial. Join Today. 

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