Variables for success in Exchange Industry in India

Stock Exchange
•Number of listed companies, ETF/Closed-ended MF (leads to rise in one time & Annual subscription fee)
•Increase in Market capitalization
•Increase in Investors/Traders, brokers, intermediators & Data vendors
•Increase in velocity (turnover/free-float)
•Network Benefit (Liquidity within exchange)

Commodity Exchange
•Increase in products introduced
•Increase in market participants
•Volatility in prices of commodity
•Increase in volume/turnover by existing and new players

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Growth Factors of Exchange Industry in India

Factors that indicate a healthy growth in the Exchange industry are
1. Increase in number of listed companies
2. Shift from physical assets to financial assets (eg. mutual funds)
3. Increase retail participation
4. Govt approval for EPFO to invest in equity market
5. Growth of data related business
6. Development of corporate bond market
7. Development of International Exchange

Trends in Exchange Industry in India

Major Trends observed in the Exchange industry are:
1. Shift from physical to digital assets
2. Decrease in Investments in FDs, Bonds & cash.
3. Rise in Mutual Fund Investments
4. Rise in outstanding corporate bonds
5. Rise in global annual future & options volume
6. Rise in global commodity derivative market
7. Shift in Equity Cash Segment & Equity Derivative Segment turnover from BSE to NSE
8. Increasing contribution of trading from Tier-2 cities


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