Factors for Growth in Hotel Industry in India

Major Factors that contribute to growth of Hotel Industry in India are –

  1. Expansion of Tourism
  2. Government thrust on Tourism and initiatives around the same
  3. Post-COVID travel bounce back.
  4. Continuous reduction in Airfares and increase in accessibility over years.
  5. Increased Investments in the Space.

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Trends in Hotel Industry in India

Major Trends that exist in QSR Industry-
1. Increase in the share of Organized Players post COVID19.
2. Increasing Participation from Online Travel Agents and Increase in Commissions charged by them.
3. Asset Light model gaining market share with Management and Franchised Contracts
4. Disruptive Models – Oyo, AirBnB, Hostels, Coliving gaining market share.

Trends in the Industry

1. Rise of Domestic QSR Food Chains
2. Rise in Off-premises consumption
3. Increase in Health Awareness amongst customers
4. Environmentally Aware consumption
5. Increased Focus on Hygiene and Safety
6. Ghost Kitchens on the rise
7. Rise in Fusion Food
8. Consolidation and Shutdowns in the Industry forced due to COVID19 impact

Variables for success in Exchange Industry in India

Stock Exchange
•Number of listed companies, ETF/Closed ended MF (leads to rise in one time & Annual subscription fee)
•Increase in Market capitalization
•Increase in Investors/Traders, brokers, intermediators & Data vendors
•Increase in velocity (turnover/free-float)
•Network Benefit (Liquidity within exchange)

Commodity Exchange
•Increase in products introduced
•Increase in market participants
•Volatility in prices of commodity
•Increase in volume/turnover by existing and new players


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