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Trends in Hotel Industry in India

Major Trends that exist in QSR Industry-
1. Increase in the share of Organized Players post COVID19.
2. Increasing Participation from Online Travel Agents and Increase in Commissions charged by them.
3. Asset Light model gaining market share with Management and Franchised Contracts
4. Disruptive Models – Oyo, AirBnB, Hostels, Coliving gaining market share.

Evolution of AMC Industry in India

Evolution of AMC in India can be divided in multiple stages –
1. 1963-1987 – The Initial Years (Introduction of Mutual Funds in India with UTI)
2. 1987-1993 – Entry of Public Sector Banks in the space
3. 1993-2003 – Formal Regulation and Entry of Private Players
4. 2003-present – Development of Regulatory landscape and growth of sector

Evolution of the QSR Industry in India

Different Phases in the Evolution of QSR in India are –
1. 1990s – Entered India in the 1990s and started challenging Indian organized restaurants who had early mover advantage.

2. 2000-2010 – Demand and Acceptability grew and Tier 2 cities and below also started accepting the QSR concept.

3. After 2010 – Entry of Regional players in the space and the space gaining acceptance pan India and growth being registered with New Age consumers.


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