Customer Segments for Hotel Industry in India

Extract Source – Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels DRHP, Page 117

Extract Source – Indian Tourism Statistics – Ministry of Tourism, Page – 23

Customer Segments can also be divided on the basis of purpose of travel. Each of these have different requirements from the Hotels that they stay at. These customer segments are-

  1. Business Travelers
  2. Leisure Travelers
  3. Airline Cabin Crew
  4. Weddings and Social Travel
  5. Diplomatic Travel

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Trends in Hotel Industry in India

Major Trends that exist in QSR Industry-
1. Increase in the share of Organized Players post COVID19.
2. Increasing Participation from Online Travel Agents and Increase in Commissions charged by them.
3. Asset Light model gaining market share with Management and Franchised Contracts
4. Disruptive Models – Oyo, AirBnB, Hostels, Coliving gaining market share.


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