Potential Disruptive Threats for the Industry


Extract Source – FICCI Technopak India Food Services Report 2017, Page 41

Major Innovative and Disruptive Forces acting in the Industry are as follows –
1. New Retail Formats – Drive-thru restaurants and Order Kiosks.
2. Rise of Cloud Kitchen
3. Rise of Mobile Kitchens and Food Truck.
4. Monthly Subscription Based Food Ordering
5. Rise of Food Aggregator Platforms gaining significant bargaining power.

Let us have a look at the major Funding Deals in the space between 2016-2018 to see who are the ones that are gaining traction-


Extract Source – FICCI Foodzania Report 2018, Page 46


Check the Report for Complete List of Deals in the Space.
Extract Source – FICCI Foodzania Report 2018, Page 46


Extract Source – Posist.com

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Industry Specific Risks

Major Risks in the Industry are –
1. Rise of Third Party Aggregator Apps
2. Rising Health Awareness among customers.
3. Lack of Organized Supply Chain
4. Risk from Master Franchise Owner
5. High fluctuation in Raw Material prices
6. Local Competition intensifying in the field.
7. New Retail Fomats coming up

Trends in the Industry

1. Rise of Domestic QSR Food Chains
2. Rise in Off-premises consumption
3. Increase in Health Awareness amongst customers
4. Environmentally Aware consumption
5. Increased Focus on Hygiene and Safety
6. Ghost Kitchens on the rise
7. Rise in Fusion Food
8. Consolidation and Shutdowns in the Industry forced due to COVID19 impact


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