Key Variables for Success in the Industry

Every Industry can be broken down to handful of variables that ultimately determine success or failure in the industry. Key Variables for success in QSR Industry, variables that determine success for QSR companies-

  1. Number of Stores Opened and Break-even period for new stores
  2. New Product Introductions
  3. Same Store Sales Growth
  4. Footfall – Digital as well as Physical Store football.

Source – ZebraResearch

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Growth Factors of Exchange Industry in India

Factors that indicate a healthy growth in the Exchange industry are
1. Increase in number of listed companies
2. Shift from physical assets to financial assets (eg. mutual funds)
3. Increase retail participation
4. Govt approval for EPFO to invest in equity market
5. Growth of data related business
6. Development of corporate bond market
7. Development of International Exchange


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