AMC Industry in India

Asset Management Companies mainly refer to parent sponsor companies of various Mutual Fund Schemes in India. These companies manage a variety of Equity and Debt related mutual funds. Other products that they offer includes PMS services, ETFs, AIFs and so on. 

Industry Sheet

Industry Sheet is a structured framework that helps identify industries that are fundamentally more attractive than others.

Competitive Comparison

Competitive Comparison table is for like to like comparison of different companies in the industry on Operating Metrics.

Management Talk Box

This summarizes all of Management Communication in - Strategy, Goals, Strengths, Weakness and Assumptions.


List of good resources available, that can be used to understand the Industry.
(Third Party Resources)

To Be Added Soon..

Business Sheet

Business Sheet is a structured framework to help identify companies that are better placed than competitors in the Industry.

Management Sheet

Management Sheet is a framework to evaluate the past track record of management and their current interests.


Valuations using multiple methods which can be changed by the user to reflect their assumptions.


Meet People working in the Industry, consultants, those involved in supply chain to directly clarify questions.

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