Variables for Success in Industry

Important Variables that leads to success in the industry is as follows –

  1. Number of Unique Investors on the platform.
  2. Average amount per investor account
  3. Distribution Channels and Reach
  4. Brand Recognition and history
  5. Consistent Performance across schemes

Checkmarks on these variables lead to success in the industry and failure on these lines lead to failure in the Industry.

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Variables for success in Exchange Industry in India

Stock Exchange
•Number of listed companies, ETF/Closed ended MF (leads to rise in one time & Annual subscription fee)
•Increase in Market capitalization
•Increase in Investors/Traders, brokers, intermediators & Data vendors
•Increase in velocity (turnover/free-float)
•Network Benefit (Liquidity within exchange)

Commodity Exchange
•Increase in products introduced
•Increase in market participants
•Volatility in prices of commodity
•Increase in volume/turnover by existing and new players

Major Trends in AMC Industry in India

Major Trends in AMC industry in India are-
1. Impact of Demonetization – Catalyst for Financial Assets.
2. Continuous Rise in Participation through SIPs
3. Rise in Share of Financial Assets against physical assets.
4. Shift from Distributor to Direct Channel
5. ESG Funds starting to enter market.
6. Passive Funds and ETFs gaining market share
7. Rise of Individual Investors in AUM.
8. Bank backed AMCs gaining AUM.


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